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NEW 12/13/2010 - Correspondence from Alan Prince (News Center 1953-1954)



Andre DuChateau

Subject: Christmas Greetings
Date: 12/19/2010 10:06:48 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: duchateaua@comcast.net
The AHTNC site is probably not viewed much anymore but I do want to express my appreciation for the level of friendship, support and togetherness we had at The News Center which I believe is not always found in Army units. Merry Christmas to all ---
Andre DuChateau
Alan Prince
    News Center 1953-1954
Subject: Re: Army Home Town News Center
Date: 12/13/2010 10:10:35 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: alanprince1@comcast.net
Hi, Rollie,

I stumbled across your site when, for some reason or other, I wondered if  Walter Pennino, the original CO of AHTNC, is still alive. Your site provided the answer.

I have no photos but likely a list of persons with whom I served. Because I suppose the overwhelming majority of people were two-year persons, the turnover must have been continuous. The only name I knew from your site -- other than Pennino and his successor, Maj. Jake Lyons -- was that of Sgt. Kerr, who, as is indicated, was there forever. The names of the people with whom I served likely would be meaningless to your those who served in your years.

I was in the editorial section. We wrote the stories that weren't standard, the stories that didn't fit the "is serving" or "was promoted" mold.

The thing that bothers me a little is this: You show a picture of the ladies in December 1952. I arrived, I think, two or three months after that. I never met Mrs. Pennino, but I don't recognize a single face of the others. One of the women bears a slight resemblance to a Barbara Laney. Another might have been a Bernice Brown Hayes. But it's hard to believe that so many of these women left the center in the two or so months after the shot was made and before I got there. I have to think that my memory is fading fast!!

The very fact that you maintained the site is an indication of your heart, of an appreciation of the past and and a gratitude for having relationships. I am an old man now, and the site has brought back some fond memories. Thank you for it.


----- Original Message -----
From: ROLLYK@aol.com
To: alanprince1@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, December 13, 2010 9:12:00 AM
Subject: Re: Army Home Town News Center
Hi Alan...
I served at AHTNC 1960-61 as you can probably tell from the web site...if you have any pictures or info from the mid 50's I will put them up on the web site.  What area did you work in?  I was a photographer and worked with Bart Dillon in the photo lab.  You probably recognized some of the people I have posted on the site.  
Thank You for responding to the site. 
Rollie Smith
Findlay, Ohio
In a message dated 12/11/2010 6:57:18 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, alanprince1@comcast.net writes

Anybody there?

Alan Prince

Deerfield Beach, Florida

(I served at the News Center in 1953 and 1954.)

Bill D. (Billy Don) Kerss
    News Center 1957-1958
Date: 6/26/2007 1:48:41 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time From: bgroezinger@verizon.net

I know this is out of your time period but it brought back many memories
for me.
My husband was Bill D. (Billy Don) Kerss and was stationed at the News
Center 1957-1958. He died in 1977 leaving me and two daughters.  Kerr
was probably there when Bill was. We also lived in Independence on
Truman Road. Bill worked part time at the Kansas City Star covering
sports events to earn a little more money -- which was always in short
supply on the per diem we were paid. One of my fondest memories was a
party the crew gave us when we married Jan. 1957. They gave us  a very
small B&W TV and it was our most prized possession! Another was a tennis
tournament the guys had in the summer of that year where everyone was so
sunburned they could hardly move! The only name I can remember that was
there when we were is Roger Zenor.  If you know of AHTNC site during
that time period, I would love to see it.
Betty Kerss Groezinger

Subject: Another member
Date: 8/23/2005 6:34:51 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: wjtoomey@sbcglobal.net
To: rollyk@aol.com

Hi Rollie,

I had been thinking of one of the guys that worked at the center in those early years.  I couldn't think of his name for the longest time.  Then one day it was just there.  Does anyone remember Cecil "Skillet" Potter?  He had a  Nash Metropolitan that was white and blue .  I had never seen one before so of course I thought it was cute.
This might jar someone's memory.  When he left at the end of duty time.  He was supposed to have gottten on the airplane with a duffle bag (?) with the words "it's a bomb" on it.  It made the tv station I believe.  But one of the guys told me about it.  Wonder if he got into real trouble over that.
I remember that our office was hot in the summer, no air-conditioning, and cold in the winter.  The building was steam heated.  Being a warehouse the windows were thin paned and the cold just radiated into the room.  Those that sat by the windows wore sweatera and jackets when it really got cold.  I remember sitting with my feet up in the desk so as not to put them on the cold floor.  Really you needed a blanket to wrap around your legs.  In those days ladies didn't wear pant suits to work.
Well guess I'd better close don't want to bore everyone.


Janet Toomey


August 18, 2005

Subject: AHTNC  1959 to 1967
Date: 8/18/2005 7:28:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: wjtoomey@sbcglobal.net
To: rollyk@aol.com

Hi Rollie,
Dixie has been in contact with me since before December 2004.  So as this is the anniversary of the
day I started to work, Aug 18, 1959, Thursday, figured this is a good time to send a little message to let
everyone know that I'm still around.

I may not be all here, but then who is now days.  My diabetes got the best of me and I'm a double BKA,
below knee amputee.  I've got my permanent legs but still need to work on that.  Seems when we came back
from Germany the second time.  Medically I started falling apart.

I work at Fort Hood Tex and quit when I got pg with  our boy.  Then Wes went to Vietnam and when he got
back we went to Germany the first time, 1971 to 1974.  Carol was born in Germany.  Then the kids and I stayed in Virginia for 7 seven year total.  Wes went to Korea and then came back to Fort Belvoir VA, 1977 to 1978.

Then back to Germany from 1981 to 1984.  Then we came back to Fort Riley KS.  I started back to work in
civil service here and finally retired with 20 years under my belt.  In 1985 we bought a house in Herington
KS and are still living here.

Oh as one of the 16 typists in our typing pool I have to disagree with the gentleman that said we had 30
typists.  NOT WHILE I WAS THERE.  Of course there was a female secretary in the front office the last year I
was there.  Don't remember who was in that position before here.

I'm not as shy as I was when I worked there.  After almost 39 years of marriage to a retired master
sergeant (E-8) I speak up these days.  We had 4 desks in four lines.  Some of the ladies listed I remember
and some of the others I don't.  Oh you might add Gladys Whittaker, a black lady was there towards the
end of my working days.  Her husband was an Air Force guy.  She sat to my left when I was typing.

I wish I could have worked a little longer than I did but medically it was impossible.

My address, etc is as follows

105 South B St
Herington KS 67449-2641
wjtoomey@ sbcglobal.net


Wesley & Janet Toomey


Subject: AHTNC
Date: 5/6/2005 12:06:26 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: longilbert@sbcglobal.net
To: rollyk@aol.com

Hi Rolly,
Got a call from Chuck Brawner - he lives nearby. That reminded me to check the website and I see you got my pictures up. Boy could Durwood ever wax a floor! I got a kick out of the 2 pics showing Laurence (Lawrence?) Gallery. I knew all the people in the picture but couldn't name a couple of them. That was where I had my first singing job. Someone from the center took me there when I first arrived. I wish I could remember who that was (he started me on my road to ruin LOL). Hope all is well with you and yours.

Subject: The AHTNC circa 1961
Date: 5/6/2005 11:55:35 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: pcbrawner@charter.net

Hi Rolly,
Just had the pleasure of a chat with Robins Best (Banker Best as we came
to call him for his "payday loan arrangements") and he put me onto your
website.  Gosh what an absolute delight.  I found out that Lon Gilbert
lives in the same town as I do also....so I called him.  I wanted to be
amoung the "found" on your page.  I am retired (3 years now) from the
life insurance business and living with my wife Patricia and in the near
whereabouts of our five children.  I'm 63 now and enjoying good health.
I would like to thank you for putting the page together....It brought
back so many memories....all packed into such a short time in our
lives.  I do have some memories packed away...I can recall having a few
duty rosters I put together for our inspections...on every Friday wasnt
it?  Anyway as I locate them I will forward them along to you.  If you
have any questions, drop me a line.  I would love to hear from you again.

Chuck Brawner


OK. here are the three (3) photos I promised. Now the photos themselves tell a story of a dedicated AHTNC guy (me) trying to learn how to run a 16mm film processing machine.  Bart could have taken the shots - - - but as I said, I think it was you or Gilbert who actually shot the pics.  If you need a more professional looking photo - - - you might want tidy it up a bit.  I took the shots from our family album - some overlap of photos.
If you need a better image, Rollie, let me know.  I'll try something
Like we always said..."Our officers were just too serious".
Subject: AHTNC Update
From: chad.starr@afnews.af.mil
Date: 3/17/2005
To: rollyk@aol.com
Greetings from the present director of the Army & Air Force Hometown News Service here in San Antonio, Texas!  My deputy director was trying to research Hometown News on the internet and stumbled across your website!  Can’t tell you how pleased we were to find some history on the Army Hometown News Service…especially the particulars on its establishment (general order, date, etc.), since those critical elements of have been lost over the years.  We have really enjoyed reading the postings and looking at the images on your website.  I would love to receive any historical information you may have, as well as photos from the good old days at Kansas City.  Please pass the word to the alumni on your site that we would love to hear from them.
I’m sure many things have changed since the Army and Air Force consolidated their operations.  We are still doing the DD Form 2266 mail-in program.  Of course now we receive most of them electronically and distribute all of them, to include accompanying photographs, to the newspapers electronically.  Over the years our workforce has dwindled to our current combined strength of 43…only 19 of which are Army.  We’re also still doing video and radio…in fact we have a 3-person team in Iraq right now.
Please let me know if we can do anything for you, and if you’re ever down San Antonio way please come by and visit us.  You can check out some of our stories on our website at http://hn.afnews.af.mil .
Chad C. Starr
DSN 945-6541 COM (210) 925-6541
Subject: AHTNC Update
From: 3/16/2005
Date: rich.lamance@afnews.af.mil
To: rollyk@aol.com

Just a note to say how much we enjoyed the web site.  We have several official Army documents about the stand up of Hometown News, but nothing on its people.  We really enjoyed the photos of the men and women who were trailblazers in telling the Army’s story to the American public.  Since AHTNC merged with the Air Force in 1980 there have been quite a few changes, and because of technology, looks nothing like the Kansas City days.  For those who are interested in seeing what we do today, go to: http://hn.afnews.af.mil.  We’re still publicizing the accomplishments of the troops 54 years later.  Again, it was a privilege to be able to take a peek into the past of an organization that even today is the military’s only link to grassroots America.

Rich Lamance

Chief, Print Division

Army & Air Force Hometown News Service

Subject: info Date: 1/18/2005 10:37:27 AM Eastern Standard Time From: longilbert@sbcglobal.net

Reply To:




Hi Rolly,
I've enjoyed the new postings and photos on the site. The e-mail from Robin Best mentioned Doug McMasters. His name was Dan. Also not sure of spelling of last name - McMasters or MacMasters. Everyone called him Mac. I sent Robin an e-mail about that and also asking him about the name he mentioned - Rosy from East St. Louis. Anyway Dan and I and some civilians formed a folk group and played around town. Even after I was discharged from the army, I came back and did a gig with these people at a local bar that was run by the mafia. Dan Crary also was with us for a short time - he was the only one that went on to become somewhat famous as Deacon Dan Crary. He was a divinity student at the time - maybe I corrupted him. I would love to know what happened to Mac - he was from an eastern state is all I remember. The other people were Emily Goetz, Jo Ward and Larry Solter. I'd love to get in contact with them as well.

I've looked at those photos of myself, guitar and Lynn and I can't remember the situations at all - looks like an army party tho'. The one with the guy playing the piano I remember a little.  He was a very good player. Sitting on the couch is Bettie Wiley (did you remember that she was a professional singer as well as a AHTNC employee?), not sure of the middle person and Lynn.

Lon Gilbert

p. s. I can't tell for sure what's on all the negatives I have - would it be all right to send them to you? There are about 50 of them all in those little manila envelopes. Use what ever you want and them send them back - what do you think?

The fellow playing the piano I believe is Alta Browns husband or boyfriend.....
A group of us went to a club on the corner of 12th Street and Vine to hear Bettie Wiley sing one night......
The parties were often at Barb Muirs home and I guess any reason for a party... mostly birthdays and people leaving. It was all a great time of life.
Send me the negs and I will scan them and return to you. We can use some new photos on the site.
Talk to you again soon,

Letter from Phil Sturholm - Monday, 20 December 2004

Janet and Phil with grandkids Travis, Jessica and Aaron

Dear Rollie and Carol:

What a treat it was to get your Christmas card - - -I enjoyed your web site immensely and I have to say it was one of the most delightful surprises of the year. It really was. More important, I saw a number of your photographs on the web and I was most impressed. I'm certainly not surprised, Rollie, just impressed.

I remember vividly you working in the AHTNC darkroom - - - Bart sitting at his desk reading his newspaper or magazine - - - the wet photo prints beings pushed out of that little hole in the wall.

While I didn't know any better, I did worry some about you and the others as you processed the prints - - - with all the vapors coming from the developer, acetic acid, etc. It always seemed to me the vapors were strongest in the morning when you first started your day. I do recall that you guys occasionally wore gas masks when you made up new chemicals - - - but I always wondered if the chemicals were harmful any way? I certainly hope not. Running the 16-mm film processor didn't seem to have any effect on us - - - but wait a minute ... I'm a bit overweight. Maybe I walked too close to the photo chemicals.

You know, Rollie, I finally gave up my Hassleblad and my 645 Mamya and traded them in for a digital camera - Nikon. Not the big expensive one but the $1000 model. To be perfectly honest, I never was good at still photos - - -I did OK shooting motion picture film and then videotape.   But with all my travels, I always carried a 2 1/4 Rollei. When we switched to videotape, I stored my larger format cameras and bought three 35-mms. Again - I used them for fun not for business. I'd have died trying to make a living as a freelance still photographer.

You'll find this a bit strange, but I made sure all twenty-five of our motion picture photogs also carried 35-mm still cameras. We did use them a bit for promotions and trips overseas ... but I figured we all needed to carry a still camera in the event we didn't have our movie camera handy.  With our helicopter on top of our TV station, I probably shot and dropped off more than a few hundred roils of 35-mm film of fires, accidents and the like — and allowed the local newspaper to use the photo if they credited our newsroom.

Now I'm looking at this digital Nikon - - - wondering what in the world I'm going to do with that? My wife has a digital and she's absolutely phenomenal using it. I get more than my share of "blurry photos" because I'm too accustomed to the click of the shutter. Click and move is not the way of the digital. Maybe the cameras you guys use can capture the image immediately - - - but on my camera, there's a "lag" between pushing the button and when the photo shows up on the camera's TV screen.

I prattle on - old people tend to do that - but I was so impressed and delighted receiving yours and Carol's card, I at least wanted to extend my sincere thanks. Thanks for remembering me - better still, thanks for the memories of the AHTNC. I'm glad I decided not to make a career in the Army - - - but extremely happy I served in the Army and worked with people such as you and the others. I think of you guys often and I'll continue to do so as long as I live. Thank you Rollie, it truly was a pleasure to hear from you and to share memories. Good luck and-God bless.


Letter from Kenn Kerstetter - December 26, 2004

Hello Rollie,

What a surprise to get a Christmas card from you. At first, your name did not register, but then the spared part of my long-term memory kicked in.

My brother had told me that there were works underway to restore connections—at least informational ones—with those of us from AHTNC days. Although most of those days have faded far beyond my retrieval ability, I still do have some of my all-time favorite memories still ready to call up. For me, those were some of the most enjoyable days of my life—in spite of the fact that Uncle Sam thought we were waiting for a call to real Army duty.

I would be very pleased to hear about your life since those seeming-prehistoric days at Independence and Hardesty. If you have time and the desire, drop me a line.. ..or even much better a long letter.

I'm going to take the easy route by enclosing our annual Christmas letter. Although most of it will mean little to you—and some of it you may find unbearably corny—it will give you a glimpse of my present.

In a nutshell (which probably is an apt expression for my life now that I think of it), I started teaching English at Olympia (WA) High School in the fall of 1962 and retired after 31 years in 1993. During about 25 of those years, I served as chairman of the department as well as teaching. I was prompted to retire when I found out I had bladder cancer. Fortunately, the cancer decided to retire as well. I go for annual checkups (nasty camera invasions) once a year, but so far there has been no return of the pesky tumors. In 1983,1 had a scary bout with melanoma so cancer is not my favorite mental image.

After I retired, I started working with incarcerated youth in a group home. There are 16 young men housed there ranging in age from 14-21. They are serving out the final phase of their juvenile sentences (from a few months to more than two years). Although the young men have been convicted of anything from theft to murder, we are able to get them in school and/or work in the community. My official title is case manager/administrator; however, my main function is counselor and loving grandfather. (Have you been able to adjust better than I have to apply such a hoary-headed, wrinkled image to yourself?) Time is a terrible thief. I wonder sometimes if I remain with the young just to fool myself. After all, vicarious experience can certainly be more satisfying at times that reality itself.

I'll sign off before you reach the point that you will wish you hadn't been so thoughtful as to drop a card of introduction to me.   Thanks again, friend.

In renewed friendship,

Kenn Kerstetter

Subject: Joe Durand
Date: 12/29/2004 3:24:25 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: duchateaua@verizon.net
Sent from the Internet (Details)

After Joe's name in Personnel it might be good to state that he returned to
teaching high school English in his home town of Lowell, MA and eventually
married and had a son before passing on in the 1970s. Thanks --- Andre

Holidays 2004 - 2005
e-mail from Marshall Barton - 12/24/2004
It was a very pleasant surprise to find that you created this website 
and so many others contributed to it.  I review the site regularly.  
It has helped me recall and enjoy many happy memories.
Merry Christmas to all my old friends at AHTNC.
Marshall Barton

e-mail from Lon Gilbert - 12/24/2004

I have gone to my ususal great expense to send you a Christmas card.

                This is Webster, a miniature donkey who will be coming to live with Chico and me next month.

Merry Christmas 
and a Happy New Year

Lon Gilbert

Chico, a miniature horse or pony (I'm not sure) and daughter Gwen

e-mail from Glen Elsasser - 12/19/2004

Elsasser Family

             Glen and Kay Elsasser at son Dan’s graduation
Great to get your Xmas card. Let me update you on myself during a year spent too muchly  with doctors. Retired from the Chicago Tribune full time in 2002 after nearly 40 years. Most of my  career was spent in the Washington Bureau, where I covered the Supreme Court but still write  features.  I left the AHTNC three months early in 1960 to attend the Columbia Journalism School Worked briefly Indianapolis before going to the Tribune in February 1963. Transferred to the  New York Bureau (got my picture on pg.1 of the NY Daily News). I won the ABA’s Silver Gavel  award in 1979 for a story on the Supreme Court.  A mini bio in Who’s Who provides a rundown. My work is also available on Goggle, Lexis-Nexus  and Infotrac.
My wife, Katharine Macy Kersting  (Kay)  was a romance language specialist at the Library of  Congress.  Last year on our 30th anniversary we traveled to Cuba, a fabulous trip. Our son, Dan,  graduated from college in Connecticut this summer and is scouting for work on Capitol Hill.  Always  have kept up with Robins; have small parcel of stuff from AHTNC which will share. Used to  see RO Woods when he was in town for GM (his daughter came here after gradating from  Michigan.  Xmas cards began to be returned so lost track of him. Visited Bob Baldwin years ago  at the Fire Academy  in 1994 was in Chicago and called Evelyn who told me about his death. She  was still  living at the old homestead on S Union St. near Archer; proud of two sons and a  daughter all  grown up and some married. While walking down the street in New York in the  mid-sixties, ran into  Dick Stevens who was sent to Korea in 1959.  Does anyone remember Bob  Pinto from the  Bronx who was sent to West Germany in ‘59; he mourned the AHTNC, but he  visited Truman at  his new Library, who said it would be good for him.  Do you remember when we  used to see  Truman around KC?  
I loved KC, I remember seeing Maria Callas in concert there and  such old  Theater names as Katharine Cornell and Miriam Hopkins  all for now  will send you a  picture of the Elsassers at son’s graduation.

P.S.  I have had a mustache since 1972.
We all loved Kansas City...I returned in July this year and took my grandson around with me to some of the great places...the fountains...the zoo...Starlite theater...the KC museum...the Plaza...that hillside that overlooks the airport downtown....and the now Mc Donalds that is just down the street from the corner of Independence and Hardesty....My grandson, Josh, is only 4 and probably won't remember to much about the trip, but we had fun and the real plus was we met up with Dixie and Durward for an afternoon.  KC has changed, but there are still many reflections of the time when we were there and good memories. 
e-mail from Joe Huzl - 12/16/2004

360 hours).  Can't wait.  

e-mail from Robins Best  - 12/12/2004
Merry Christmas to all!

Does anyone remember the Xmas Kansas City had a blizzard?  All the eating places closed.  The electricity went off.   Someone put a pool cue throught the TV set, (black and white those days, we were saving up for a colored one).  We were cold and hungry with only half a bottle of scotch to drink (and nothing to eat) all day.  Probably 1961?

Some names--Sgt..... Stemper,  Bob? Mattison,  Don or maybe Doug Mcmasters (he was into folk songs)  and who was Rosy from East St. Louis?
Note: I have added these names to our list of personnel ...if you have any thoughts on these names please let me know.                                                                                                                                                                  rs                                                                      

            Welcome Home Durwards

                egypt durward.jpg (207879 bytes)  click on picture

Subject: we have returned
Date: 10/6/2004 12:26:50 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: ldurward@dam.net
To: ROLLYK@aol.com


Just to let you know that we have returned from Egypt and it was an excellent trip/experience.  So much to see and it is still unbelievable.  We both rode a camel--what a precarious place to be!!
Anyway, upon our return I received a letter from Gladys McGuire and she would like this put by her picture or name.
"Retired from Army Corps of Engineers, KC District and living at Englewood Vista, 5700 N. Main, Apt. 311, Gladstone, MO. 64118"
Telephone:  816 455-5690
Guess she has recently moved from downtown KC as a black guy knocked on her apt. door at 2 pm and robbed her at knife point so it shook her up and she moved.
The Dorothy Kinnunen (spelling) on our list became a widow and remarried and that husband has passed on too. 
Her name is now Dorothy Fike, 2108 E. 24th Street, Joplin, MO 64804
Gladys said the last contact she'd had with Margaret Norvedt was that she was very ill.
Also Gladys doesn't have email.
In some ways it is good to be home, though they sure pampered us on that cruise up the Nile.  And it was hot--over a 100 the closer we were to Aswan.  Quite a trip.  Now to start planning for the next one.
Jim and Dixie


Date: 9/15/2004 11:33:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: ldurward@dam.net
To: ROLLYK@aol.com
                    BASEHOR, KS 66007-6201
TELE:  913 724 1680


Subject: R. O. WOODS FOUND
Date: 9/5/2004 4:54:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: ldurward@dam.net
To: ROLLYK@aol.com
ADDRESS:  401 Schmidt Drive
                   Ocean Springs, MS
TELE:  228 872 9664
He told Jim he was retired from GM and married to Ruth 42 years on 9/01
1 daughter no grands
Called several James Haseldens but no  luck--he'd be in 70's and maybe well preserved if living.  Left a message for Bull Hulsey's family name in Killeen, TX
That is it for awhile
The Durwards 


Reporting for duty
Date: 8/21/2004 5:27:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

Will Nicoll, Jr. reporting for duty:

Shortly before my discharge in Dec. 1960 I met a girl. Nicole was born in Paris , France in 1939 and came to this country in1946. In Kansas City her name was changed to Nicole Nicoll Sep. 1961.

I was employed by TWA administrative offices for 35 years, retiring as a Senior Accountant in 1996 at the age of 61. We live in Prairie Village , KS . We have three children:

Will - he lives in Iola , KS , recruiter for Kansas Army National Guard, 2 children,

Nancy - she lives in Paris , France with her husband and 3 children, they are involved with Campus Crusade For Christ,

I’m sure I can dig up a few old photos.

Signing off,

SP4 Nicoll






8/13/04 7:24:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: longilbert@sbcglobal.net (Lon Gilbert)
To: rollyk@aol.com

Dear Rollie,
It was so good to hear from you and I've had a ball looking at the pictures and reading the correspondence.
I remembered two more names. Dave Atkinson who later married Lynn Gann Gilbert (Lynn and I were married while I was at the center). Dave
played bass sometimes with me in the coffee houses and later got a job accompanying Bumps Love. Remember her?
Whoops - I'm drawing a blank on the other name. A very young guy but quite big - was friends with Lynn and Barbara Saunders. Had a nickname also. ?
I've also found dozens of the manila envelopes we used to put photos and negatives in - 4x5 - I've just started looking - some of them I can't tell what they are but one has pictures of that church singles group we belonged to (the one that kicked me out after I got married :-) ). They are mostly negatives with a lot of water damage dating from when my dad's house burned down in 1963. I probably have prints somewhere for some of these. It's going to take awhile to find anything (I'm very unorganized - but you knew that already). I know I have a pic of Martin Orukum. I saw it recently somewhere.
4432 Alt Rd
Eureka, MO 63025
636 938 4921

After the army, I continued playing music. Folk music on Gaslight Square and also several places in K.C. Gradually switched over to pop and blues and played in bands - guitar and bass. Retired several times from music but quit for good in 1993 when I quit smoking. Can't sing blues without a raspy cigarette voice, right? ( I could have used a couple of packs of cigarettes right before I recorded that Down and Out Blues. I can't believe the way I sang that! :-[ ). My daughter got me involved with horses in '85 and we had a 4-H horse group for quite a while. I'm still around horses a lot and will probably be getting some miniature donkeys soon. I've been drawing and painting on and off for all these years and I'm getting serious about it at this time. Totally involved in tennis for the last 10 years which I love but it's breaking my poor ole bod. Thanks for starting this! Great idea!

We'll be in touch




Date: 8/8/04 9:42:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:    PSturholm@compuserve.com (Phil L. Sturholm)
Sender:    PSturholm@compuserve.com (Phil L. Sturholm)
To:    rollyk@aol.com (ROLLIE)
Phil Sturholm ... once a first Lt. at AHTNC - worked with Joe Huzl at the
TV Branch.  He called me by phone last week ... told me about your web
site.  Good idea.  I have a few photographs ... I'll have to look them up.
Here are my memories ... in two ways.  One as an e-Mail and the other as an
attachment.  I'm hoping one of them will get there in tact.  Talk more

Phil  Sturholm


Subj:Re: Hello Vermont
Date:8/5/04 9:18:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: BestinVermont
Rolly, well it sure is surprising to hear from anybody from AHTNC. Especially more than one. Do you remember I got a plaid bag from you when I left the Army? Well, I still have it and it had your name still on it till a year or so ago. I have some pictures you might like, but I'll have to mail them snail mail, so could you leave your address? The only other person I have had some contact with was Glen Elsasser and I gather you have already make contact with him. I don't know if he has email or not. I retired some years back but was called back part time this summer but because everybody was gone for one reason or another. What is strange is that on Monday somebody new was at work and said he was from LA. and I said I knew somebody in the Army from LA, and then on Tuesday Durwood called. Isn't that strange after 43? years?


Date:8/6/04 10:53:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: duchateaua@verizon.net (ANDRE DUCHATEAU)
To: rollyk@aol.com
CC: ldurward@advertisenet.com

Thanks for getting this going. You may or may not know that the AHTNC added
the Air Force and moved to Kelly Field in Texas many years ago where they
are still going strong.

You might want to add Joe Durand's name to the list. He returned to teaching
high school in Lowell, Massachusetts where he married and had a son. Joe
passed on about thirty years ago but I did let his widow know how much we
all appreciated and respected Joe which seemed to be important to his young

I eventually earned a doctoral degree in history and a law degree and taught
college history in Oklahoma and Kansas for a number of years. I was then a
buyer and contract specialist for twenty one years in Boston before my
recent retirement.

Andre DuChateau
Plymouth, MA (America's Home Town)

Barb Muir's husband JD died August 1, 2004

Date: 8/2/04 7:59:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: ldurward@dam.net (L. Durward) To: ROLLYK@aol.com (ROLLY SMITH)

Just to let you know--Barbara Muir just called and said JD had died yesterday. His sister died last Sunday and he was able to attend her funeral. His funeral is this Thursday up in Green City, MO

She tried to let Crook know, but got the same answering machine that I did.

Jim and Dixie


RE: Hometown News Center
Date:8/2/04 8:32:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From:    JHuzl@noamequip.com (Joe Huzl)
To:    ROLLYK@aol.com ('ROLLYK@aol.com')
Hi Rollie:  It's okay to list my e-mail and also my address which is 208 Churchill Crossing, Nicholasville, Ky. 40356, ph. 859-881-5595.  I have some other pics at the house of the "good old times" at the AHTNC which I can scan and send you copies.  Couple of them are still in pretty good shape.  I am presently the President of North American Equipment Sales here in Ky.  Our Corp. Headquarters is in West Seneca, NY  Several years ago, we purchased the American/Ohio Crane Company in Bucyrus, Ohio and have made several trips to the plant.  I am planning on a trip into Upper Sandusky sometime soon and will try to look you up.


Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 10:55 AM
Subject: website
Hello Jim and Dixie,
Well I put together an idea for a website...let me know if you think it is worth putting up...might be fun.  Let me know your thoughts...additions...corrections...deletions... ideas.  Need some names...like chicago fireman? others I missed.  Some names on your list I don't remember.  but should be put up.
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