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NEW 12/13/2010 - Correspondence from Alan Prince (News Center 1953-1954)

JULY, 2004
                                                               Photo by photographer 843.1  Pvt. James Durward
Dixie and Rollie at Tanners
I was lucky to find Jim and Dixie Durward in the KC area when I visited KC in 2004. 
It was because of this get together at Tanner's Bar 
and the info that they had and their great memories 
that I have been able to put up many of the names on these pages...
and now many more of you are providing additional info and names.
Thank you,

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Rollie and Carol and Dixie and Durward

JUNE, 2006


Photo from Joe Huzl showing AHTNC cars in a slushy winter.  More photos to come.
Recognize your car?

JULY, 2005

Dixie and Durward and Joe Huzl in Vegas from Joe


Dixie and Durward and Joe Huzl in Vegas from Dixie

   Dixie and Durward do Egypt  

A Dixie photo of Jim on his camel.  Dixie describes this photo as either...
...the Shiek of Araby or Ahab the Arab
yet to be received...Dixie and the Seven Veils.